Picking the Perfect Christmas Present

novembre 23, 2023

Picking the Perfect Christmas Present

Helpful Hints from Iain

Choosing the right chocolates can be overwhelming - it's all a matter of taste! 
It's easy to pick the perfect present for those we know well, but what about new friends or acquaintances?

While there's no one size fits all, Iain has a few helpful hints to assist you in selecting the best possible chocolates for the festive season...

As a starting point, it's good to understand what types of chocolate there are:

Velvet Truffles or Ganache are made with cream or fruit puree mixed with chocolate; they come as naked ganache dusted in cocoa powder or fruit powder, or can be enrobed in a thin layer of chocolate and decorated with a cocoa butter design.

Velvet Pralines are a nut paste (usually hazelnut) mixed with chocolate and are often called Gianduja.

As Iain is a truffle specialist, he would obviously recommend trying at least a few of those - especially the unenrobed which is his signature truffle!

If you are looking for a guaranteed hit, the unenrobed Milk and Dark Velvet Truffles will put smiles on faces every time.  Anyone who's never tried these before will be astounded at their flavour and texture.  There is nothing not to like for old and young, and palates from sophisticated to simplicity-loving.  These truffles are all about the purity and texture and everyone can appreciate that.  This unenrobed version should be stored in a fridge if not eaten the same day.

For a bit more adventure, try the fruit or caramel recipes of the unenrobed Velvet Truffles.  Remember always to serve the unenrobed truffles at room temperature to get the best flavour and wow-factor!

For visual excitement, enrobed Velvet Truffles and Praline boxes are a checker board of colourful surprises to discover in every piece.  You can choose your own selection entirely, or choose from Iain's pre-made selections.  You can weight the box more heavily towards fruit flavours, caramel or pralines depending on what you think they would like.

If there are any allergies to consider (dairy, nuts for example) you can use the filters on the website or phone us for assistance 01887 840 775.