The Nyimdzi Foundation for Community Learning

AUGUST 20TH, 2021


We are excited to share with you news of a charity that we are able to support on a regular basis – the Nyimdzi Foundation for Community Learning.  The Highland Chocolatier has already signed a Deed of Participation with Cocoa Horizons to ensure our cacao is traded ethically by supporting environmental sustainability and community development. But we are well aware that more could be done to give back a portion of our income every year to a cacao growing country that is vicariously supporting all our own livelihoods.


For several years we have been looking for a charitable organisation supporting the education of children and youth which had sufficient longevity and organisation to ensure safe use of funds, while being grassroots enough for the funds to go where the local community really wants it.  After a long investigation into opportunities in various countries we received a recommendation for the Nyimdzi Foundation in Ghana, one of the world’s largest cacao growing nations.  In fact it turns out that Iain met one of the founders and stayed in that area 2 decades ago!


The Nyimdzi Foundation for Community Learning is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to releasing the potential of young people to contribute to the betterment of society. The Foundation facilitates the establishment of community and school-based educational activities that enrich academics and give youth the practical skills and understanding to undertake initiatives aimed at improving their communities. Its main line of action involves partnering with public K-9 schools in Gbawe, near Ghana’s capital city, to deliver a programme aimed at the empowerment of young adolescents.