Newsletter – Give Mum a Chocolate Experience to Remember & Easter Preview


Cherish the Iain Burnett Truffle Experience


Spa Days are undoubtedly treats, but you don’t have to travel miles and take a whole day out to take your senses to a new level of decadence.   Picture the scene – you’ve dimmed the lights, removed all distractions, made yourself warm and comfortable.  Light some candles, but make them unscented.  Then simply take time to savour the moment that sublime chocolate truffles yield.

Perfect for Mother’s Day on 6th March

The Velvet Truffle – Classic         The Velvet Truffle – Strawberry and Star Anise  both £19.95

Someone who can vouch for this is lucky winner of our January Draw, Danielle Winton from Edinburgh.


Gems from the Kitchen


We must hatch plans early to make Easter the occasion that chocolate lovers are eagerly anticipating. This year the Chocolatier’s challenge was to translate our best-selling bars into ovoid form.  Read More about making eggs by hand.


Eat with Your Eyes


This, the most recent of our designs, reflects the trend for unusual flavour combinations. Some are just strange – but you can trust Iain’s impeccable palate.  This Caramelised Liquorice truffle features in:

Mother’s Day Truffle Selection                    £32.95


Healthy Choices

There’s nothing wrong with chocolate per-se. In fact, there are positive health benefits, which we will be sharing over the coming months.  Choose quality not quantity.

Just Dark Selection of 9 Chocolates £14.95