Chinese New Year 2019

JANUARY 10TH, 2019


Honouring the Year of the Pig with Chocolate


The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, will be celebrated on 5th of February, welcoming in the Year of the Pig in 2019. Traditionally in the Chinese zodiac, the pig represents luck, good fortune, generosity and wealth.


For Chinese New Year, Iain Burnett is introducing the Chinese Tea Pairing Box – a companion box of Velvet Truffles perfect for serving alongside several beautiful, traditional Chinese Teas. 

Iain’s ornate magnetic boxes tie seamlessly into the colours of Chinese New Year – red for good fortune and joy, and gold for beauty and prestige – making them a stunning gift option for those celebrating the occasion around the world!

Scottish Take on Chinese Style

Traditionally, sweet candied fruits or vegetables are placed in cups of tea at Chinese New Year. Iain offers a Scottish spin on this tradition, with his range of gourmet chocolate dipped fruits – orange sunrises, lemon slices, cherries and whole clementines.

Chinese Ginger

Ginger is considered a strengthening food in Chinese culture – Confucius insisted on having ginger with every meal. Fiery Chinese ginger on dark chocolate surely qualifies. Equally enjoyable in either handmade bars or florentines