A Tribute to Albert Roux



Iain had made the Velvet Truffles for proteges Gordon Ramsay, Andrew Fairlie and Martin Wishart, but when Albert Roux himself asked to visit Iain’s Chocolate Kitchen back in 2010, Iain was somewhat nervous!  Little did he know it would be the beginning of a decade-long relationship with the Godfather of Cooking.  Mr. Roux and Iain spent hours together in the kitchen tasting and discussing chocolate, while Mr. Roux decided which of the Velvet Truffles he would serve at his distinguished tables.  Upon tasting the plainest and simplest of the Velvet Truffles he exclaimed excitedly, “This is the ONE!”  His desire to have customers appreciate the flavours of just the local fresh cream itself and the rare island cocoa itself – without any additives or exotic embellishments – was perfectly suited to Iain’s approach to chocolate.  What an honour it has been.